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PVC Additives

Diisobutyl Adipate DIBA
Product Name:Diisobutyl Adipate/DIBA Appearance:Colorless transparent oily liquid CAS No.: 141-04-8 Molecular Formula: C14H24O4 MW: 258.35 EINECS: 205-450-3 Other Name:Adipic acid diisobutyl ester; bis(2-methylpropyl) hexanedioate; 2,2-bis(2-methylpropyl)hexanedioatato(2-)
Triethyl Citrate TEC
Product Name: Triethyl citrate CAS RN: 77-93-0 EINECS RN: 201-071-2 Molecular Formula: C18H32O7 Molecular Weight: 276.28 Appearance: colorless oily liquid with slight odor. Relative Density: 1.045 Refractive Index: 1.4460 Flash Point: 155ºC
Acetyl Tributyl Citrate /ATBC
Product Name: Acetyl Tributyl Citrate /ATBC Other Names:Tributyl O-Acetylcitrate CAS No.:77-90-7 MF:C20H34O8, EINECS No.:201-067-0 Purity:99%min Appearance: Colorless clear liquid
Tributyl Citrate TBC
Product Name:Tributyl Citrate(TBC) Other Name: tributyl 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylate CAS:77-94-1 EINECS Number: 201-071-2 Formula: C18H32O7 Molecular weight: 360.443
CAS 109-16-0 Masterbatch
CAS 109-16-0 Masterbatch Industrial Plastic Raw Material Black Masterbatch Color Masterbatch
CAS 117-81-7 Dioctyl Phthalate/DOP
Chemical DOP Plasticizer Product Diethyl Phthalate DOP For PVC Use
CAS 84-74-2 Dibutyl phthalate/DBP
Dibutyl Phthalate High Purity Liquid PVC Plasticizer DBP Oil
CAS 6422-86-2 Dioctyl Terephthalate/DOTP
CAS 6422-86-2 DOTP Manufacturer C24H38O4 DOTP Plasticizer For Paint
CAS 3319-31-1 Trioctyl Trimellitat/TOTM
PVC Chemical Raw Materials Plasticizer CAS 3319-31-1 Trioctyl Trimellitate TOTM
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