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3D Synthetic Lashes | MV03

Style No.: MV03
Material: Synthetic hair
Band: Cotton band or Clear band
Length: 8-18mm
Available Times: 25-30times
Brand Name: M-Star Lashes


Product Name:3D Silk Lashes | MV03
Material:Synthetic Hair
Brand Name:M-Star Lashes
OEM/ODM:Customzied package or design available

1.Vegan faux mink lashes, wake up your big eyes

2.There are more than 36styles to pick, short and natural styles to match natural looking&makeup

3. Zero burden on your eyes, super lightweight

4.Multi-layer design, 3D/5D/8D/12D effect, visually attractive, charming

5.The roots of the eyelashes are very soft, easy to adjust and apply

6.Lashes can be reused 20 times with proper care

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