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How's your traditional customs about Winter Solstice?

Winter Solstice falls between the periods of December 21 to Decem ber23. On this day,the day is the shortest and night is the longest in the year.

As early as Zhou Dynasty(the 11 th Century bc-256 BC). People started organizing activities to spend Winter Solstice until now the tradition was kept. There was a saying that went in ancient c hina,"The Winter Solstice is as significant as the Spring Festival.

During Winter Solstice in North china,eating dumplings is essential the festival.There is a saying that goes"Have dumplings on the first day Winter Solstice and noodles on the first day of Summer Solstice. People in southern China will make and eat tangyuan, or rice dumplings to symbolize the reunion of family. We held the activities about wrap dumplings together. Here share the happiness we felt and delicious dumplings.

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