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To be fast eyes make up - magnetic eyelashes

Everyone thinks that girls go out beautifully every day and make up quickly. However, it still takes a long time to put on makeup, especially the eyes makeup.

So there coming magnetic eyelashes which can replace the normal lashes , to be more and more popular in the market. 

Using the magnetic eyeliner , it is eyeliner and also the glue for eyelash, save time and easy to operate. 

So how to use the magnetic lashes : 

1st, Carefully draw a line with liquid eyeliner,ensure the line close to the roots of your real lashes.

2nd,Bend your magnetic eyelash band,to make it softer and perfect fit your eye shape.

3rd,Wait for 20-30 seconds until the eyeliner is totally dry, then apply the eyelash.Take the end tip of the magnetic eyelash with tweezers or fingers, and put it above your real lashes, then make the magnets band slowly close to and connect with eyeliner.

4th,Gently adjust, till the eyelash perfectly applied.

So easy to operate and save time.



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