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Zhengzhou Magic Star Beauty Co., LTD is a comprehensive and professional manufacturer Since 1992, our business has developed into 7 main industries, the Skin Care, Eyelashes, Makeup tools, Fishing, Nails, Body art and Chemical Raw Materials.  With the capacity of Raw material 50000MT, Eyelashes 100 million pairs, Nail polish 50 million bottles, Finishing Net 800,000MT each year, the annual output value of over 10 billion, which has seven holding and wholly-owned subsidiaries.


Based on the long-term understanding of marketing requirements and rapid development in recent years, our business has expand and improve constantly. It has gradually formed a system of scientific research, development, design, production, sales and OEM / ODM. It has extended its business to different countries and regions in Asian, Europe, Africa, Australian and America. From the raw material to the finished products, all the process made and finished by our own team. Therefore we have the overwhelming advantage on the material and prices. You can enjoy one stop service in our group.


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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Decontamination clean
Enjoy quality life



Variety of choices
Safe and efficient

Personal Care

Personal Care

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OEM&ODM service available

Food Additives

Food Additives

Food Grade Food Additives, Food Ingredients


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Performance of polyaluminum chloride

Performance of polyaluminum chlori

Wastewater treatment chemicals PAC

Difference between flake caustic soda, soda ash, caustic soda, and caustic soda pearls

Difference between flake caustic s

Water treatment chemicals, Caustic soda

Characteristics and usage of SAPP

Characteristics and usage of SAPP

Industrial Grade Food Grade SAPP

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